Vege Tofu イーさん流おぼろ豆腐の作り方



  吸水させた大豆 500g

  水 2.5lt

  GDL(グルコノラクトン) 小さじ1.5ほど



























soaked soybean 500g
blend about 1 part soybeans : 5 part water

GDL about 1/8 teaspoon for approximately 100ml very hot soymilk

*They have to try out as everyone's home blender is different.

Some machine is powerful, some not.
They should add the soybeans slowly to the blender. bit by bit. If too
thick to blend, add more water or the machine will burnt and spoiled.
Not sure how fine/small they will blend and how much milk can squeeze
from the okara.

***Important, they have to check the operating manual that how long can their machine use. And if soymilk too thick, please stop and remove.

I'm not responsible if they their blender burnt/ spoiled. 

If soy milk too thick , can add more water,
If soy milk too thin, soak and add more soybean when making next time.

Get ready the cup/ bowl with a lid. Put the GDL and add a little bit of
water to dissolve completely.( not too much water)

When boiling soymilk, make sure it boils to 100 degree celcius. and change to medium heat or lower to maintain boiling for another 5 more minutes.

It has to be boiled thoroughly, else no good for stomach.

***Important : please be alert while boiling. the hot soymilk may
overflow anytime, even turn off the heat. and please don't get burn.

Once boiled, pour the hot soymilk into the cup/ bowl. cover the lid immediately.

Do not shake the table.

Stand for about 30 minutes and its ready to serve.

If oboro tofu is too sour, decrease the GDL
If the oboro tofu has some milk not coagulate completely, increase GDL.

Some factors affecting the performance
1. different type of soybeans will have different yield
2. Soymilk not boiled thoroughly or completely
3. the table must not be move/shake when the soymilk has poured into the cup/bowl